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The Nativity Project

Follow along as we needle felt a twelve piece Nativity Set. 

Ornament Felting

Seasonal inspired needle-felted ornaments are always fun to display in your home, even better if they are the one-of-a-kind, handmade ones.

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Who doesn't love the song?  Needle felt one of each item listed in the song. No need to make multiples...

A Gnome Story

Needle felted mushrooms, tree stumps, ferns, and all the creatures that could possibly live there. 

The Nativity Project

...came to be at the end of 2020. I have already been offering needle felting classes, but not any that would continue throughout the whole year.

Would people sign up and stick with something like it for a whole year? Well, I didn't know the answer to that, but I was willing to give it a try, and so were five amazing people that became great friends. They stuck with it and continued on to the Gnome Story Needle Felting Class the following year... The Nativity Project continued in 2022 with a total of three groups with a total of twelve students who stuck with me the whole year. I am excited to see what 2023 is going to look like. Over these past years I had a lot of customers come into the store that do not live locally but would love to take this class, hence my endeavor to put my classes online as well.   

One of my Nativity Sets gets raffled off every year, and all proceeds get donated. Last year's donation went to the Edenton Art Council. This year's will be donated to the Four Corner Store for their mission work in Tyner NC, both Non Profit Organizations.

The Sheep

The Donkey

The Ox

The Camel

The Shepherd

Wise Men I

Wise Men II

Wise Men III

The Angel


Baby Jesus

lesson series

Painting with Wool 

With a little practice  you can too can paint with wool. Start by learning the fundamental techniques to handle fiber.
lesson series

Needle Felting

Check out our collections of needle felting courses to learn the basics, or brush up on the skills you already have and take your artistry to the next level.
lesson series

Wet Felting

Discover our collection of wet felting courses and see how much fun one can have with a little (or a lot) soapy water and wool.
lesson series

Felting on Wire

My courses aim to make you a better designer. You will learn my practices that will help and encourage you to create your own patterns. 

Always wondered how to work with fiber?

by Annette Ringeisen
You have come to the right place if you are interested in felting and fiber arts. It's a lot of fun and the possibilities are endless.
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